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Straight to your inbox: all the info about Dinah Zike's upcoming academies, workshops, events, exhibits and more. 

Hello Educators!

We are currently remodeling our Academy and cannot wait to show you its transformation. We would love to have you attend the new Dinah Zike Academy in Comfort, Texas whenever we reopen the doors! To be the first to know all future updates, events, and Academy dates please sign up here!

This list also sends out Dinah Zike's STEAM Garden updates and seasonal exhibit information.


Dinah Zike Academy,, and STEAM Garden will not sell your personal information. We do not solicit email, spam email, or send any promotional material except for, Dinah Zike Academy, and STEAM Garden news and information to this mailing list.


DZA News and Events Email List

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The Dinah Zike Academy will be reopening soon, sign up for early access to our Academy events and keep up to date with us! We also send Dinah Zike Academy STEAM Garden news and information newsletters.

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